Reliable PPE Source!

A year into the pandemic and some resources are still scarce. There are other resources that are available but are being charge at 2-5 times their pre-pandemic prices. At a recent orthodontic appointment for my eldest, I commented on the pretty exam gloves (the vibrant purple was very pretty). The doctor agreed but expressed annoyance that the gloves were still occasionally hard to come by but worse, they were quadruple the price he used to pay.

We haven't had to source a lot of gloves because we had a good supply before COVID hit but it sent us on a mission to find reliable, good quality and affordable PPE for the future. Happily, we have found a source that we can trust and rely on. that is affordable! We are happy to refer SLH Med Supply. You can view and order directly on their website: Found a great source for #PPE - at a good price:

They carry all things necessary for home care, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and even personal use. They even carry rapid COVID testing kits. Some of what they offer: #covidtests #gloves #nitrile #masks #facemasks #examgloves #latexgloves #nonlatexgloves #nitrilegloves #faceshield #sanitizer #hybridnitrilegloved #ppeforless

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