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Essential do’s and don’ts for visiting someone with Alzheimer’s

Part 1 - THE DO LIST

* Keep your tone and body language friendly and positive.

* Don’t speak too loudly.

* Make eye contact and stay at their eye level.

* Introduce yourself even if you’re sure they must know you. “Hi Grandma, I’m Joe, your grandson.”

* Speak slowly and in short sentences with only one idea per sentence. For example: “Hi Mary. I’m Jane, your friend.” or “What a beautiful day. The sunshine is nice, isn’t it?” or “Tell me about your daughter.”

* Give them extra time to speak or answer questions, don’t rush the conversation.

* Use open-ended questions so there will be no right or wrong answers.

* Be ok with sitting together in silence. They may enjoy that just as much as talking.

* Follow their lead, don’t force conversation topics or activities.

* Validate their feelings. Allow them to express sadness, fear, or anger.

* Enter their reality. Go with the flow of the conversation even if they talk about things that aren’t true or don’t make sense.

* Share and discuss memories of the past. They’re more likely to remember things from long ago.

* Come prepared with an activity, like something to read out loud, a photo album to look at, or some of their favorite music to listen to.

* Give hugs, gentle touches, or massage arms or shoulders if the person gives permission and enjoys it.

Check back tomorrow for the "Don't" list

Original article at DailyCaring .com

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