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Elderly Are at High Risk of Heat Stroke

Seniors are at risk for heat stroke during hot weather

Seniors need to be more aware of overheating and heat stroke because their bodies don’t adjust to high temperatures as well and they’re also more likely to be dehydrated.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia are at even greater risk because they may not be aware that they’re overheating or know what to do to cool down.

To keep seniors safe and comfortable, we’ve rounded up 10 practical, senior-friendly ways to help them stay cool indoors.

Why seniors are more vulnerable to heat

In hot weather, it’s best for older adults to stay indoors and avoid strenuous activities because:

  • Their bodies don’t adjust as well to sudden changes in temperature.

  • Chronic medical conditions can change their body responses to heat.

  • Prescription medicines can impair the body’s ability to regulate temperature or could actually prevent sweating.

Original article can be found at DailyCaring .com

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