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Signs Your Loved One May Need Help

Updated: May 29, 2019

As we age, not everyone retains the same capacity for maintaining themselves or their environment. You may notice one thing here and there and dismiss it as part of growing older. But, at what point does it stop being just a part of life? If your loved one is exhibiting multiple signs or symptoms listed below, it may be time to get some in-home help for them.

Assistance does not mean taking their independence away from them, but getting an aide or companion to pick up the slack and relieve some of their burdens. Call us at 703-256-8830 to get an evaluation and start having peace of mind today.


  • Fluctuating weight

  • Balance problems

  • Poor hygiene

  • Sleeping too much or too little

  • Unexplained burns or bruises

Home Environment

  • Unkempt yard

  • Unusual carpet stains

  • Excessive clutter (newspapers, piles of junk mail)

  • Unusual odors (urine, garbage)

  • Not enough food in the house

  • Failure to turn off stove or water after use


  • Mood swings

  • Abusive behavior; outbursts

  • Lack of motivation

  • Uncharacteristically anti-social behavior


  • Confusion

  • Memory loss

  • Repetition

  • Hallucinations


  • Dents/scratches on the car

  • Unfilled or untaken prescriptions

  • Unpaid bills

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