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Essential do’s and don’ts for visiting someone with Alzheimer’s

Part 2 - THE DO LIST

  • Say “do you remember?” This can cause anger or embarrassment.

  • Argue. If they say something that’s not correct, just let it go.

  • Point out mistakes. It just makes them feel badly and doesn’t help the conversation.

  • Assume they don’t remember anything. Many people have moments of clarity.

  • Take mean or nasty things they say personally. The disease may twist their words or make them react badly out of confusion, frustration, fear, or anger.

  • Talk down to them. They aren’t children and you should show the proper respect.

  • Talk about them with other people as if they’re not there.

Part 1 - the "Do" list came out yesterday, check it out

Original article at DailyCaring .com

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